The Planets Aligned – Janet Planet on Grammy Ballot

Bob Dylan wins the Nobel prize for literature, a woman is nominated for president, Janet Planet releases “Janet Planet – Just Like A Woman – The Music Of Bob Dylan vol. 2”.

Janet Planet and saxophonist/arranger Tom Washatka produce a recording that blends Bob Dylan lyrics, artful arrangements for big band ensemble, and virtuoso vocal delivery.

Bob Dylan created a body of work that transcends anything that came before and whose poetry/prose blend redefined the concept of contemporary song writing.

His lyrics are the first to be seriously regarded as literature.” What he lacks in advanced melody and chord structure is more than made up for with his message.

Jazz has evolved into a highly sophisticated style of music featuring rich harmonic development, expansive rhythms, and extended improvisational solos for instrumentalists and vocalists.

Dylan’s message is presented with pure and tasteful singing without melodramatic melismas or superfluous scatting. The simple chord structures remain but are enhanced with colorful moving horn lines in the background that support the lyric without distraction.

With this recording another chapter has been added to the Great American Songbook. By not relying on Gershwin, Porter, Berlin, Kern, Arlen, and others for her repertoire, the door has been opened for others to include what Rolling Stone magazine calls “the most influential American musician rock and roll has ever produced.

Janet Planet has made a significant contribution to the jazz lexicon and she does so with exceptional artistic vision, confident leadership, exquisite taste, and powerful vocal skills. Just like a woman.